Facility Management

Facility Management

Tadmur Logistics facilitates Staff and Labours Accommodation

Staff Accommodation

Among the largest number of facilities we manage are staff accommodation spaces. As a company, Tadmur Logistics puts its human resources at the forefront of our core values. We ensure that staff of any company are provided with superior accommodation and housing amenities in some of the best neighbourhoods in Qatar.Senior staff members of our client’s companies are provided single rooms in fully-furnished luxurious apartments while the junior staff are provided shared rooms in fully-furnished luxurious apartments in Qatar.


The staff accommodations we manage are frequently equipped with the following facilities:

•          Swimming pool

•          Gym

•          Car parking

•          24 hours security service

•          Professional housekeeping team

•          Laundry facility

•          Internet & telephone connections

•          Monthly pest control services

•          Weekly door-to-door medical check-ups

•          Maintenance team available 24 hours

•          Regular inspections by housekeeping supervisor

Labour Accommodation

Tadmur Logistics also providesgood quality labour accommodation in Qatar for our blue-collar workers. We manage about 12 labour accommodation facilities with a combined capacity of 572 room units located in Industrial Area. We are proud to say that all our accommodations comply with decrees provided by the Ministry of Labour.

The labour accommodations have the following features:

•          Hygienic kitchen & bathroom facility

•          Monthly pest control services

•          Free gas services for cooking activities

•          Laundry facility

•          Free medical services

•          Drinking water with cooler unit

•          Safety & first aid facility

•          24 hours security services

•          Car parking

•          Satellite TV connections

•          Fully furnished mess hall

•          Professional maintenance team available 24 hours

•          Camp supervisor and attendants

•          Regular inspections by housekeeping supervisor


Tadmur Logistics is keen on promoting the highest standards of hygiene at accommodation sites. We provide top notch cleaning services by well-experienced professional cleaners who use good quality brands of chemicals and equipment for floor tile polishing or cleaning window glass, tables & pantry, carpets, kitchen & bathroom, lifts & escalator, furniture or work stations.


In addition to accommodation, Tadmur Logistics also rents workshops spaces to our subsidiaries. Our workshops are located in the Industrial Area at five different locations – Street No.10, Street No. 47, Street No.44, Street No.19-20 and Street No.38.