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Tadmur Logistics is a fast-growing, experienced logistics company in Qatar. Since ourinception in 2007 we have served the local market, developing a strong and efficient network of superior solutions, strengthened by our link to our parent company Tadmur Holding. Tadmur Logistics is specialised in Logistics Management, Stores and Warehouses, Facilities management, ProjectRenovations, Auto repair services and the provision of Accommodation facilities for staff and blue-collared workers. Our extensive assortment of services is greatly strengthened by Tadmur Logistics’ ownership and operation of nine state-of-the-art warehouses located in Qatar’s Industrial Area.


We are aproud subsidiary of Tadmur Holding – one of the mostprominent Industrial Groups in Qatar that has been serving major clients in the country for over two decades. Tadmur Holding has been successfully catering to the diversified needs of the local market through its exceptional services across various disciplines and we have wholeheartedly supported the entire range of our own companies, in addition to our outside clients, through the provision of our portfolio of logistic services. Through our ever-expanding and scope of services, we aspire to be the preferred logistics service provider in Qatar among clients, recognised for our innovation, dedication and technology.


Displaying our capability to launch and manage special projects, Tadmur Logistics has productively executed the development of the Lusail Office Complex, a state-of-the-art green building in Qatar with impressive sustainability standards. We not only own and manage the facilities of this property but we also manage its tenants, providing unmatched facilities management services.The building is primed to house the Tadmur Group headquarters as well as some of our individual companies as well as clients outside the group who are looking for a prime location in Lusail to establish their offices and operations.


Tadmur Logistics welcomes you to tour our website. Please feel free to surf through it to get to know us better. We are excited to discuss ideas and solutions and enter into fruitful collaborations with you.